Our Partners

The Companies that have helped make this all possible


Olifants River Game Reserve 

Olifants River Game Reserve will be the test site and the permanent home for our first AAPA. Its abilities will be refined and perfected  in conjunction with BNR’s head warden, the various wardens of the reserves within BNR and their teams on the ground.

Aerobots – UAV Build and Setup

After looking for someone who could help us build the AAPA, it soon became apparent that Hein Du Plessis from Aerobots was our man. He has been invaluable with regards to technical advice and his experience, with building drones, has helped make this project a reality.

Flying Robot – The guys we go to when we need additional parts quickly

ComQuest Ventures – Thyphon UDX Design Explorer

ComQuest’s Thyphon UDX software has been a great asset to the project and has allowed us to simulate design and configuration changes before we commit design time and resources.

Cassidy de Wet – Cassidy has become our go to guy when we needed to solve tricky CAD issues.

He specialises in rapid prototyping with strength in Computer Aided Design and facilitates CNC milling, 3D printers, laser cutting, and microcontrollers for mechatronic projects. He has been in the industry since 2013 with a strong passion for Math Science and Engineering.

Dassault Systemes have made SolidWorks  availible to us which is an invaluable asset when it comes to designing our UAVs and associated hardware.

MECAD have been an invaluable partner, providing training and support during our transition to the Solidworks platform.